Office Rentals Are Now Available In Major Part Of Singapore

Nowadays there are many organizations and companies getting started up in this competitive world and are working hard towards their success. The foremost requirement of all the companies is a place or location from where they can work and run the organization. More or less, all the companies present today preferring rental areas for office purposes rather than buying an own building property. This is due to the fact that in case of any office replacement, it will be easy to shift from a rental area, but in case of owned property, additional difficulties accompanied with selling and buying will arise. Due to these facts, always rental buildings are preferred for office establishment.

Recommended Office Rentals in the central of Singapore

Here is some of the recommended office rental in the central of Singapore. Also known as The City or City Area, it is one of the hot areas of Singapore and is the main metropolitan region. It is comprised of 22 planning areas, 11 within the Centre city and 11 outside the same. Its business importance can be determined through the special district named as Central Business District, which is dedicated mainly for business and development operations. It is the most densely packed area in Singapore with both residential and commercial buildings and is well connected to the rest of city through MRTs and roadways. Following are some of the office rentals in Central Singapore:

  1. Industrial – Joo Seng Road

            This is one of the most suitable properties for industrial and official purposes, comprised of eight decks. There is an enclosed car parking in the first floor and a well-spaced cafeteria in the second floor. It is facilitated with four elevators, two for passengers and two for cargo, in addition to four loading bays on the first floor. It lies in close proximity with the city center and is very close to two MRT stations and many expressways, which make it easily accessible one.

  • Industrial – Kallang Way

            This is also an eight floored building, mainly suitable for industrial and store keeping purposes. It consists of 4 elevators – two for passengers, one for cargo and last one is especially for fire people. It is also furnished with three loading bays for cargo purposes. This building is located on the Western junction of Kallang Way and is way closer to the city center than the former one. It is closely connected to three MRT stations and almost all-important express ways which make it more suitable for the industrial purposes.

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