The risk of micro sleep rises with the rising temperature inside the car

The borderline is 25 ° C after overcoming, the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel increases significantly. Reduce the temperature and reduce the risk of air conditioning. Most drivers not only know how to use it properly, but also how to take care of it regularly. Additionally, the air conditioner does not require care only during the summer months, but you also need to maintain it in winter. In order to know more about Air conditioning repairs Geelong, you can always seek help from the web portals. A couple of years ago air conditioning was the privilege of higher class cars. Today, air conditioners are also equipped with cheaper models. Unfortunately, not every car owner with air conditioning can use it and take care of it properly.

Air conditioning in the car needs regular maintenance

Drivers who do not care about air conditioning and do not deal with regular maintenance are making a mistake. Non maintained air conditioning not only works poorly but also becomes a seedbed of mold, microbes, bacteria and viruses. And this “cocktail” is all breathed in the car every time air conditioning is running in the car. The working air conditioning system removes moisture from the evaporator (which is usually located under the dashboard of the car) and then condenses. And the evaporator also detects impurities sucked from the outside.

Shutting down the air conditioning a few minutes before stopping is recommended

The evaporator can dry out and the dry environment is no longer “attractive” for microorganisms and is very difficult to survive. In principle, we distinguish two ways of maintaining air conditioning. The first is technical maintenance to ensure its functionality that the air conditioner is really cool and cool enough. The second is maintenance in terms of health and cleanliness.

Smelly air conditioning needs service

If the interior of the car is feeling dizzy, air conditioning is unlikely to be in the best condition and need to either go to the car service or treat the air conditioner at home. It is advisable to keep the air conditioner clean and perform maintenance at least once a year preferably in the spring before the summer season. If the air conditioner is used intensively for most of the year, it is advisable to carry out the maintenance twice a year.

Take care to disinfect the air conditioner

To make air conditioning in your car health conscious and “fragrant”, you need to clean it regularly. Perhaps the best known and most common way of cleaning is spraying foam, which is applied directly to the evaporator. The long tubing “just” is inserted into the exhalation of the heater and spraying. The foam must rest on the evaporator that cleanses it. This is not always the case it is not possible to see where the foam falls.

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